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Palo Alto Private Jet Charter Flights

Private Jet Charter Flights Bay Area

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The primary mission of Advantage Aviation Charter is safe and efficient, first class travel, on demand, for travelers who need maximum flexibility. We are a San Francisco to San Jose Private Jet Charter Flight Company. Our fleet of light aircraft works well to meet the needs of the northern Californian clientele.
Our reservations department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a plane is available, only two hours notice is necessary to have it off the ground.

Light Jets are fast and efficient for 2-6 passengers.

The aircraft that make up our fleet are the most popular models in the world, known for their safety, comfort, reliability and value. Whatever your private or business transportation destination, we have an aircraft to fit your needs.  From small town local airports with short runways to long range North American International travel, we have the right aircraft for you.  No flight is too big or too small.

While aircraft charter is the primary focus, Advantage Aviation Charter is a full service aviation company providing expertise in, aircraft acquisition, management, and flight operation services.

Certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2007, Advantage Aviation Charter has taken the time and care to develop the same safety and service procedures used by the largest private aviation companies.

In order to set ourselves apart we provide personal service like a small company, yet operate aircraft on par with the top private air transportation providers.

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