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Aircraft Acquisition & Management

Aircraft Acquisition & Management

Aviation assets are both and expensive and rewarding investments.  There are an incredible number of factors to be considered when purchasing an aircraft and Advantage Aviation Charter has worked with a number of buyers to make the right decision.

Finding the right tool for the job has never been so important as it is in aviation.  AAC spends the time to understand the mission of a buyer and match that mission with an aircraft that will meet their needs.  Once the aircraft type has been selected we scour the market both domestic and abroad to find and negotiate the best deal possible.

As operators of turbo prop and jet aircraft we have the expertise to inspect and deliver an aircraft that will serve the buyer well for years to come.

Once that aircraft is in its hangar the work has just begun.  Our aircraft management experience is put to use in the development of required operation and maintenance practices. New aircraft require lots of set up work.  A full program will include pilot training, scheduled airframe, avionics, and engine maintenance programs, database and publication subscriptions, maintenance and fuel contracts, hangar lease contracts and most importantly California Sales and Use Tax Exemption!

Do not try this at home!

Advantage Aviation Charter has a 100% success rate on avoiding the 9.75% tax California charges on both new and used aircraft purchases.  With a thorough understanding of the law and a contract attorney to oversee the process this key factor has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax.


Owner Pilot Mentor Training

Jet aircraft have traditionally been safest in the hands of professional pilots.  Many of today’s aircraft owners are not satisfied sitting in the back and prefer to learn to fly themselves.  Becoming a safe turbine pilot requires years of stepping stones for everyone.  However, when you get to the level of private jets opportunities for training become limited.  Many pilots have purchased their own light jet aircraft and wish to become proficient.  As with anything in aviation that takes guidance and a Pilot Mentor Program from experienced professionals and Advantage Aviation Charter is able to help.


Charter Lease Back

Private aircraft are some of the most expensive vehicles on the planet.  There is a fixed and unavoidable expense associated with ownership.  This expense has deterred many would be owners but can be minimized through Charter Lease Back.  

The role of a private aircraft is not like the airliners which are in the air 75% of their life.  A private aircraft has a lot of idle hangar time.  This idle time can be put to revenue generating charter service to help offset the cost of ownership.

Occasionally an aircraft will actually earn money and generate a profit for an owner making it a rewarding investment.