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Worldwide Aircraft Charters


The range of aircraft types and locations offered by the charter department are unlimited.  Whether you require a small jet for your regional trips or a full size aircraft for international travel, our team is standing by to customize your travel arrangements to suit your needs. No need to think about the details of international travel, aircraft handling, permits and restrictions, airport and noise restrictions, or passenger amenities.  This is all handled in detail by our trained experts who will, based on that information, best match you to the most efficient aircraft for your trip.


Our top concern is safety and we have achieved the highest standards of safety and reliability. Our aircrew have four times the experience and training required by the FAA. Crewmembers complete a rigorous initial multi-disciplinary training programs and semi-annual recurrent training. Our experienced pilots and company flight instructors receive professional industry-leading simulator and in-aircraft training. All employees are part of a comprehensive Safety Management System and are dedicated to safety as their primary responsibility. Our processes are constantly scrutinized to make the best even better.


We have developed advanced computer training that accelerates learning and increases information retention. Our advanced crewmember indoctrination training is a model for the aviation community. Crewmembers review current real-world events through computer animations and live training exercises to be at the top of the class. Our friendly, service-oriented pilots and cabin attendants are eager to provide on-time, safe, reliable, and luxurious air transportation to our valuable customers.

Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions


A business aircraft represents a substantial investment. Whether buying or selling a new or used aircraft, one needs a plan for purchasing and to protect the value of that investment. The buyer needs a professional ally on their side who can walk them through the process of acquisition and management of this substantial investment.


Advantage Aviation Charter has assembled a professional team of aircraft sales, research and support personnel with years of experience in operations, management, sales and maintenance. We assist you in finding the most suitable aircraft for a fair price.


We are dedicated to offering a unique turnkey service. This includes aircraft appraisals, sales, management, hangarage, fuel, and certified air crew, all operating under an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate.  These savings will help offset your aircraft costs when the aircraft is not being utilized for owner flights.


Please contact us for your management proposal today (800) 860 7634 or

Excellence in Aircraft Management


Your corporate aircraft represents a significant capital investment, and ownership requires a high degree of attention and responsibility. Advantage Aviation Charter takes the hassle out of aircraft ownership, and we will look after everything owning a business jet entails: maintenance, conformity, compliance, crew training and insurance, just to name a few.


If you elect to open your aircraft for charter operations, Advantage Aviation Charter will keep your aircraft productive and generate revenue for you through our industry-leading and most competitive distribution schemes. As an alternative to waiting for your next company trip, your airplane could be flying an executive trip for one of our many clients.