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Utilizing the Bay Area’s Newest Fleet

Take Advantage of the newest fleet of aircraft based in the Bay Area and experience “Flying Private” at the highest level .


Advantage Aviation Charter is progressively pursuing the goal of leading the U.S. aircraft management and charter industry in terms of safety and excellence in customer service. Our team is committed to achieving greatness in all aspects of aircraft charter and aircraft management services. With our relentless strive to provide better charter and management facilities to our clients, Advantage Aviation Charter has become be the primary choice of many business corporations.


Advantage Aviation Charter is committed to maintaining a perfect Safety Record while providing the highest Quality Service on Private Aircraft in the industry. To achieve this goal we reference our daily objectives as a reminder that all decisions must fit our mission:


  • Through direct action or company culture, every employee has an effect on the safety of every flight.
  • Offering a fleet of new aircraft is our differentiator. Choosing to work with only the latest generation of aircraft has created a fleet of nearly new aircraft that provides the safest possible flight with maximum passenger comfort.
  • Ensuring our aircraft remain in Pristine Condition for every flight maintains that Advantage.
  • Because every flight is custom and every customer is different, there is always something new that can improve the passenger experience.
  • Aviation is a competitive industry. There are many ways to find improvements by observing that competition.
  • Continuous improvement ensures vigilance against errors and weakness.